Friday, May 15, 2009

Release of Tupperware Brands Campaign Catalog

Simply Good Living Solutions (18 May - 30 June 2009)
To meet lifestyle demands of today, we deliver simple everyday living solutions with quality beyond the expected.
By adding innovative value to functionality, Tupperware Brands bring you a wonderful range of Simply Good Living Solutions you can trust and enduring quality that lasts a lifetime!

Tupperware's Double Colander provides the versatility of both a shallow and deep colander in the convenience of one product.
The Double Colander can be used separately, or can lock together to create a unique duo making it great for straining a wide range of food items.
The deep colander can be used for draining pasta, rice, vegetables or washing salad greens.
Use the shallow colander for draining smaller amounts such as canned corn or fruit, or for washing and draining berries, prawns or snow peas.

The Sports Bottle has a convenient secure storage compartment to store money, notes or keys.
An angled spout means a more comfortable drinking position and easier control.
The liquid tight Tupperware seal and spout means there are no accidental spills in the car or the sports bag.

Shaped to fit your lifestyle, Modular Mates are the original custom storage system for your kitchen.
Modular Mates stack neatly together in one compact unit to save space and protect your food against spoilage.
Sheer bases include a clear panel so that contents can be seen at a glance and the seals comes in modern shades of black and cranberry.

Fruits and vegetables stored in the FridgeSmart containers can breathe; they taste better and last longer.
Use the FridgeSmart Large for storing larger vegetables - leeks and celery, etc
An intergrated grid is built into the base of the container to keep any moisture collected in the bottom away from the contents.

The Season Serve makes marinating easy. Place your choice of meat or vegetables in the Season Serve, pour over the marinade, then close with the top cover. Then simply turn it over every couple of hours.
The grid design on both the top and bottom of the Season Serve ensures that your marinade circulates - plus meat, fish and vegetables stay extra fresh, even stored overnight.

Tupperware's Can Opener is an exceptionally reinvention of an everyday utensil; when opening cans, hands don't come in contact with any metal edges and once opened, there aren't any sharp edges created.
Specialised pincers are located at the front of the Can Opener. These pincers enable you to easily remove the can lid from the can without touching the can lid, with no spillage or mess.

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