Friday, March 26, 2010

More bLing bLIng!

I finally get to bLing my handphone.
A lot of work and brainstorming.
Finger nails also chipped.
And now .... the result .....

Love the back of the handphone ...
My Melody, Flowers surrounded with crystals .... ** hehe**

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hello Kitty Touch Screen Handphone

I love Hello Kitty stuff. When I saw my friend owning this Hello Kitty handphone, I immediately wanted one too.
Its a Hello Kitty touchscreen handphone that comes with a camera, bluetooth, mp3, 2 batteries just like a normal handphone.

This is the Hello Kitty handphone before the bLing bLing are glued on. But I managed to bLing the nose 1st to try it out.

I had lots of fun bLinging this handphone of mine as it was a challenge doing it. Did not count the number of crystals being used here.

bLIng bLIng Hello Kitty handphone.

This is the back of the handphone.
I could not bLing them completely or else it will be very difficult to listen and talk.
But i placed some tiny bLIng bLing on the touch screen.

My Hello Kitty handphone bag and purse that comes together with the Handphone.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gift for a Friend

She likes everything cute, small and bLing!
She chose the cute cake sandwich and she loves pink.
It was a gift for a friend who came to Kuching for a holiday. She is from Hongkong and her name is Suki.
It was a surprised gift for Suki and when she received it, she was so stunned to get it.
There was no bLing on the cake sandwich and the cake mirror. But to add abit of bLing to them, with very steady fingers, I bLing both of them very carefully. Done at night till my eyes bling bling stars and crystals! ***hehe***

Front of the Compact Mirror

Back of the compact mirror.

It was a plain pink gift box. But i wanted to add some bLing to jest up the colour.
So ideas came flowing to my head. Had to bLing it with hearts and butterflies and to make it shine and stand out.
And **tata** ........

All bLing and all wrapped beautiful for my friend, Suki.