Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hello Kitty Touch Screen Handphone

I love Hello Kitty stuff. When I saw my friend owning this Hello Kitty handphone, I immediately wanted one too.
Its a Hello Kitty touchscreen handphone that comes with a camera, bluetooth, mp3, 2 batteries just like a normal handphone.

This is the Hello Kitty handphone before the bLing bLing are glued on. But I managed to bLing the nose 1st to try it out.

I had lots of fun bLinging this handphone of mine as it was a challenge doing it. Did not count the number of crystals being used here.

bLIng bLIng Hello Kitty handphone.

This is the back of the handphone.
I could not bLing them completely or else it will be very difficult to listen and talk.
But i placed some tiny bLIng bLing on the touch screen.

My Hello Kitty handphone bag and purse that comes together with the Handphone.

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