Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Everything bLing!

Everything bLing! are all done with lots of passion and steady hands.
It took me a few nights to finish one item.
Everything can be crystallized, from compact mirrors to land diffuser lamps to almost anything that I can get hold off. All it needs is time and lots of passion and patience.

This was my latest pocket mirror which I crystallized for my aunty's birthday. This is the back part of the pocket mirror.


The finishing touches ... tatatata ...... Front Part of the pocket mirror.

This is the pocket mirror (front part) before being cyrstalized.

My toes were also being bLing! bLing! This was done 1 week before Chinese New Year 2010. As at the date of posting of this blog, the colour and the bLing! bLing! are all still intact.

My Hello Kitty Handphone... still half-way done. I only cyrstalised the nose.

This is the 1st pocket mirror (which is my own) that i crystallized.

Back part of the pocket mirror

And my very own netbook has also been cyrstallized with bLing! cystals, flowers and
Hello Kitty "cakes"

That's all for now. More pictures to come soon.

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