Thursday, March 4, 2010

Electric Lamp Diffuser

When I saw this lamp in Pavillion, KL, I did not buy it and I regretted not buying it upon arriving back in Kuching.
So I called up the management at Pavillion to ask for the name of the kiosk and who owns the kiosk, of which thanks to the management, I managed to contact the owner.
So I bought this Electric Lamp Diffuser from him and he was kind enough to courier it to me.
Unfortunately, the "stand" was loose (which i had to glue them back to the diffuser), and there were scratches on the "stand" which was a sore to the eyes.
So why not crystallized it.
And here are the pictures. For 2 sleepless nightness, I managed to finish it for reveal-day on chinese new year.
Thanks to my friend Donela who was such a help to me for the "super" glue and the crystals which was a "last-minute project".

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